So why is Mic-Lock no longer on Amazon?

So why is Mic-Lock no longer on Amazon?

Long story short, Amazon kicked us off their platform. We have had to get lawyers but ultimately Amazon decides. It has been crushing as a small business who has spent 12 years building tens of thousands of positive reviews of our products and our customer service. We have faced the fact that this is the end.


Amazon made false claims that our products jam radio communications networks although we have sold Mic-Lock products on Amazon since 2011.

Do they jam?

No. It is illegal to do this and is against US Federal laws. We would never interfere with any communication network. We want the fire truck, hospital, TV, cell signals to work - they benefit us all! We make products that allow for you to mute the audio on a personal electronics device. Android or iOS, there is no other way to turn off the audio input.

We believe privacy is a human right. Our product is a cable and has no radio. It works by plugging into a device. We have had all of our products tested and they passed CE EMC testing. 

Amazon has no evidence of our product jamming anything. It makes us wonder if the motivation is simply that they just want to collect more and more voice data. Our product stops third parties from listening to you.

The most valuable commodity is data. Our product is for privacy. It does not help a company who just wants to collect, market and sell your data. 

What will happen to Mic-Lock?

Our business got much smaller but our core values of simple technology for privacy backed up with great customer service will not change. Our largest customer is the US Federal Government but we want everyone to be able to have privacy so we will sell it to the public for as long as we can. You need privacy it in the physical world and you need it in the digital world. 

Mic-Lock is a family business. It's just me and my wife. Our daughter is at nursing school but she helped us for 9 years :). My wife (Kelly) is the one who answers the phone, picks the orders, does final test and packaging on the product. This has been a labor of love but it's still our business. We owe no money and have been self financed. We have our technology patented, our product works and people need it. 

Thank you for all the love and support from the privacy community and we'll continue to fight!

Kelly and Ric Ralston

Co-Founders Mic-Lock