Custom Mic-Lock mic blockers (Custom Logo)


Custom Mic-Lock mic blockers (Custom Logo)

Product description
Share the gift of privacy with your clients, customers, friends and family!
  • ELECTRONICALLY COVER your audio and mic port for privacy on any iOS, Android, PC or MAC.
  • THE ONLY PRODUCT on the market that will block and cover your device's mic port.
  • ENSURE hackers, corporations or governments are not invading your privacy. "You can't hear me now!"
  • PLUG and PLAY solution simple to use.
  • KEY CHAIN attachable.
  • 3.5mm PHONE JACK for any iOS, Android, PC or MAC. Rugged metal housing with a life-time warranty. 
  • SEMICONDUCTOR based solution which mimics an external mic but no sound is transmitted.

Mic-Lock - Blocks audio hacking on computers, iOS and Android devices.

Hackers attacking your webcam will also turn on your phone or computer’s microphone.

No eavesdropping or spying!

Cover your mic port now! 

Directions for use:

1. Remove rubber keychain top.

2. Plug Mic-Lock into your 3.5mm mic port.

3. Mic-Lock will become the default mic but no audio will ever be transmitted!

4. Mic-Lock is safe on all devices and comes with a LIFETIME guarantee.

Unit Dimensions:

Height: 3cm

Diameter: 7mm

Weight: 2 oz

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