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Mic-Lock Lightning with SoundPass

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
Kathleen W.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
Charles G.

everything is great and what I was looking to use. telling my friends.

Super Easy to Use

This product works exactly as advertised. As soon as I plugged it in, it simply worked. Mic was immediately disabled and secure. Would strongly recommend this item.

Seems to work

No more wierd ads from eavesdropping. Well made.

WebCam Cover (Black)
Kathleen M.B.
WeCam Cover (Black)

These WebCam Covers are excellent. The stick well, but can be removed easily when needed. They came quickly. I recommend this seller.

The 12Ghz RF
Elyakim N.

The 12Ghz RF

The best!

I love all my Mic-block products! Privacy and safety are super important to me and my family.

This is what you're looking for

I spent some time looking for a way to block the mic on my ios devices. This tool does the job. Great company to work with as well.

Super supportive when I phoned while inputting my order. Quick response on my inquiry about not receiving an email and consequently order received concerns. Including a Bonus gift was fabulous! I Loved your help from beginning to end! My boss loved his xmas gift too! Super excited to use all I have learned. Thank you so much.

Great product

Nice and discrete

Delivery was rather fast, even though it was shipped all the way from USA. It’s so reassuring that no hackers can listen in on your conversations. Also received a free camera blocker stickers. Highly recommended purchase. Will be buying of them again

Webcam covers are a game changer

I had been using electrical tape on my cell phone cameras, and cardboard over my new laptop camera. Both kept falling off, and looked terrible. The Mic-Lock stay in place perfectly, and you don't even know they're there. They pop off easily if you do want to take photos or use the webcams.

Analog fights digital privacy invasion and wins...

Simplistic in design and genius in execution! A must have for those who want to regain their digital privacy!

Glad I found this

This is working great on my phone camera! Was going to try to tape a piece of paper over it but then I saw this and so glad I did.

The 12Ghz RF
Paul F.
great product

Excellent customer support from Rick.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
Patricia B.
Great product

Its always on hand and ready to use. Nice security.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
William D.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm

Great company to work with

product is always on hand and ships same day or by the next day depending on the time they receive the order. Everyone is so friendly and great to work with.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
Hans D.R.
Mic-Lock 3.5mm feedback

This product does PRECISELY what it says it does.... I'm so much happier now that I've reclaimed control over 'my' devices. I would never tolerate some stranger standing outside with their ear to my window or door - same goes for my phone and laptop!
TYVM Mic-Lock :-)

Essential Gear against the Deep State

This is an essential low cost accessory to plug into your computer and have peace of mind. Great !!

Hidden Camera Dtector

Great design, convenient size, small enough to put in a tech bag or pocket and simple to use. Nice clear window for viewing area being screened for hidden cameras. Easy button scrolling through different light modes. Quick to charge with cable. And super easy instructions for use. A worthwhile investment.

5 stars

Works great, thank you! 5 stars

Mic-Lock Micro Lightning Single Ended