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Wonderful WebCam Covers

I heard about the Mini WebCam Covers from Glenn Meader at Privacy Action Plan. I had used "shutters" on my webcams before. It was always difficult getting them straight, etc. These are amazing! I put the first on my iPhone, which I keep in my shirt pocket. It is in and out of the pocket 50 to 100 times/day. The cover has never come off! It is non-adhesive, is removable and replaceable. And it works! No glue, but it keeps the webcam covered, and I can peel it off for a video call and put it back when I'm done. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Excellent products!

I am thrilled with my Mic-Lock 3.5 mm with Soundpass purchases! I also have the regular Mic-Lock without Soundpass that doesn't plug in securely with my new phone case (I'll try some whittling...). I've had to read the FAQ's and experiment a bit to be sure I'm blocking the mic, but it works when I make sure to re-plug the Mic-Lock as my final step. I also love my cam covers, even though 2 of them have disappeared. The Faraday bag is too small for my current Samsung, so I hope to see a larger bag soon. I must also add that Mic-lock has extraordinary customer service. Thank you, Mic-Lock!!!

Very pleased -

Received the order promptly, and thanks again for the upgrade to a 10 pack of camera covers! The covers look way better than all the tape I had on my phone. Plus they’re easy to remove for a quick photo and then replace. I’m really pleased to know that the phone’s mic is out of action with the Mic-Loc! Hubby didn’t believe me, until I did the test recommended on the website.

Just feels safer

Having this little device gives me some piece of mine. I don't really like having to remove it constantly, as I do speech to text, but other than freaking I'll loose it because of its tiny size, I'm liking having it!

Great product

Love the product; it reassuring that conversations are protected! Good value for money.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
Carlla F.
Mic-Lock 3.5 mm

This little device is wonderful. It definitely works! I highly recommend this product.

Nice products

I've been using the products I ordered every single day, they work well. This company is charming, it's been a real delight to be their customer🌞

Does what it is made to do

I Ordered the Mic-Lock. Tried it out. Does the job. The USB fits firmly within the slot. The device is small for convenience. If someone calls my phone it will ring, then I answer the call by removing the device or using headphones. I am happy with the customer service. I recommend this product. I'm using it on a Samsung phone.

I wonder if it would be possible for Mic-Lock to build a phone cover that further secures the device to the phone, but with a cover 'snap' so a person could remove the mic-lock. May this idea will work, maybe not.

This product works !

For anyone on the fence, being hacked, listened to, this is a must!!!!! I’ve bought 3 so far, 2 for friends.

Great Data Security Device

Because I want to keep ALL OF MY electronic technology communications private, as far as I am concerned, the device named 《"mic-lock 3.5mm with soundpass"》 which is sold by is "a-technology-security-must-have".

Consequently, whenever I am on my cellphone, tablet, laptop computer, or desktop computer I aim to always use the 《"mic-lock 3.5mm with soundpass device"》 to help protect the privacy of both my outbound & inbound audible communications.

Happiness Down Under

I love their products...and they love Australia!!

Mic-Lock Micro Lightning Single Ended

Amazing product!

My daughter and 7 friends are going on a Eurotrip, and this was exactly what they need to check all their airbnbs and hotel rooms.
Thanks so much for the great service and quick shipment!

Great Product

Really love the product. One downside-cannot charge my battery while using Mic-Lock. But rather recharge my phone daily than have my conversations listened to.


I have hackers and stalkers, and I trust that these keep my everyday conversations private.

Extremely well thought-out products

These products are unique and absolutely essential for anyone concerned about privacy. The Camera Finder Pro is ingenious and ensures that you will find out if you are being spied on. Fortunately, a sweep of my domicile showed it was clean but if you travel, this is a must have. The RF detector works amazingly. I had to turn down the sensitivity because it was picking up my neighbors' wi-fi routers but then reassured me that my residence was bug free. Just great products.

Mic-Lock All Colors 3.5mm - 5 Pack


I feel these attachments are critical for our privacy and safety. I look forward to learning more about them

Great Product

Works as advertized

Especially great in public places

I love this device. It is small, and does several things. It blocks eavesdropping, it safely charges your laptop (blocking others from downloading your data) and lets you plug in your earphones, so that all sound is safe and secure. Great for working on a plane and in public libraries. It's a must have. Never felt so secure.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
Michael Z.
Mic-Lock 3.5

Great device! Incoming calls still ring through, can talk when put on speaker or remove Mic-Lock for privacy. This along with camera covers on my phone and tablet keep unwanted entities from eavesdropping.

Great Little Tool

I am using the smaller sized covers and they work great, though I haven't taken them off and on to see how well they last with their stickyness. I like this extra privacy.

It works!

If sensitivity is turned up too high, it picks up everything. Picking up in unusual places like a particular spot, in plain space, nothing around it.

Mic-Lock Lightning with SoundPass

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
Kathleen W.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm