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Fantastic PRIVACY!

This is a must have if you are tired of your phone listening on you and targeting ads or who knows what else against you. Keep your privacy!!!

Very good product

Hi, I must say a big thank you for such a wonderful product, just that the cost of each lock is rather expensive.

Haven’t tried everything yet

Haven’t tried everything yet

Works But Could Could Improve

I like the compact size and the product does mute the main microphone. It will not fit through the hole in the bottom of my phone case. I will either need to remove the case or modify the mini lightning hole size. Also, I’d like to see a product that will mute or create a silent frequency to mute the remaining iPhone speakers. This is a good product, but its not 100%.

Awesome except…

Love it but doesn’t fit if my phone case is on. So every time I use it I have to pull down my case. Bummer really but look forward to one that works with a phone case

great service, family owned business

wonderful service, great product. looks sleek and cool. design is premium and feels high end. well made. and most importantly works as stated and effective in keeping your phone mic locked and private.

Mic-Lock Saves Lives !!

In an effort to secure our data both "on and off" the road, we have made several purchases from Mic-Lock. Our clients, our work and our data must remain secure and protected at all times. As such, security is a very high priority for us and for those we work with. The bottom line is that Mic-Lock is an organization we highly recommend and we will continue to use Mic-Lock's products every day.

love it!

fantastic customer service and product. definitely happy and will recommend to others.

Phone will not work on speaker phone w this in

Works 100% blocks any conversation

Good product

Works as described! Helped me keep my “peace of mind” lol took a trip stayed at an Airbnb didn’t find anything lol but it did work. It's a good practice and tool to hacve these days!


Times are drastically changing and accelerating. I just ordered two more after testing my original purchase. Protecting yourself and your family is becoming increasingly impossible, this little device is so very helpful. Thank you.

Great product and well made

Great product , well made, good "feel." Small enough to carry but big enough for the job and be able to cover a decent size area much easier than other similar products. The size matters in this case.

Protect your privacy!

Basic, no issues. I’d like it NOT to have an aux and iPhone input though.


It’s awasome! Thank you so much for the very handy product!

Easy to use

Works good - just wish it was no headphones and a lot smaller. PLEASE MAKE THIS! Thanks!

Does what it is supposed to do

It does exactly what it is supposed to do and knowing my phone has been hacked before this at least eliminates anyone from using it as a remote listening device. It would be nice if it just plugged into the port without the extra cord

Greatest anti-spy tool for the price!

Very user friendly, light weight and easy to use and it actually works, I could not believe it my parents had 3 hidden micro cameras in there house . I still can’t believe it and they continue to deny it but I just play dumb and keep scanning. I can’t believe this thing actually works !!!!

Top notch product for the price!

It is very easy to use...the leds were really bright. easy to see hidden cameras.

Must have

Love it. Works as described

As expected

It was sa lot maller than I was thinking which is a good thing. Siri does not do anything and it is easy to use too.

Really works!  Easy to Use.

This really works.  The little storage case was a huge plus.  Just keep in mind that when this is plugged in, you also cannot hear streaming video or any other Media audio on your mobile device (e.g., YouTube, Audible, etc.)  However, you can disengage the plug just enough to allow the Media to be heard and the Mic Lock will still rest in the phone.  Or you can completely remove the Mic lock and place it in the storage case (that can be attached to your phone).  In summary, the item works  and  is easy to use.  Would recommend it to my friends and family if they were looking for the functionality it provides.

Works as described

Really Nice-I tested with the voice recorder app, a out going phone call and shoting a video. No sound captured!

Great little device!

Great little device. My friend and I were recently talking about how we could hear of something or are talking about something and then grab our phones to look it up and basically the search words get filled in immediately, as if the devices are always listening.I received a phone call and forgot to unplug the mic lock and the person couldn't hear me, so it works.I'll get the camera lens covers next.

Work great!

I have a couple of older phones that I've had issues with someone listening through so I researched devices that might remedy that issue and found these.  Glad I found them too!  If I forget it's plugged in, I can't hear the caller or they can't hear me either and I'm looking at my phone saying, what the what?!  and voila, there's the answer!  LOL!  I even have them on my laptops too - go for it if you have a need!  They're worth it.  =)

Locks-out computer audio spies

I got this for my computers to stop listening-in on my regular conversations and my TV ads.  I have noticed a reduction in ads related to what I see on TV near my computer, especially political ads.  Highly recommended!