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Everything USB Secure Charger - Only Power - No Data! 50V/5A Quick Charger Max USB-A and USB-C

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
Robert W.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm


I really like the Mic-Lock Micro, as I value my privacy. It does what it says it will do. The only downside I've found, and this is probably just me, is the small size. When I remove it for any reason, I have to be careful that I don't drop it. Being small, it can be hard to find.

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
Randall W.
Works Great

I tested this with my son. When I called him all he heard was static. Once I removed it and called him again, he heard me just fine.

Mic lock

Awesome products. I use it all the time, just like a safety belt in a car, I would feel uncomfortable without it now. The best service too:):):)

Mic-Lock Micro Lightning Single Ended

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
William D.
Excellent Product

Works as advertised. Easy and simple way to keep your phone from listening to you.

Irish buyer

All works well and arrived super quick

Privacy Action Pack
Anna N.
Perfect Privacy Protection

This pack represents the core products one must have for digital device privacy. This was thoughtfully curated and serves as a very efficient and cost-effective option to get everything you need to arm yourself well! We love Mic-Lock and Rick!

Mic-Lock 3.5mm
George D.
It works

It's a great little device and I use it all the time.

I like hidden device finder. When I go places it's nice to feel at ease knowing I can locate devices that shouldn't be where I'm staying. Thank you

Privacy Action Pack

These are great tools to protect your privacy! I'm thankful for these innovations and this company! Highly recommended!

Mic Lock Good stuff

camera covers & Mc Locks installed on phones & laptops. It's
good feeling to have these shut down.

Works Well

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing I’m not being as constantly monitored (although need them for more devices now). Took me some time to realize that the Mic-loc was responsible for obstructing the sound while attempting to playback videos.


Inconspicuous and effective. Thank you for the privacy!

Just the right size

These covers are just small enough to fit over the camera lens. They are quite sticky but are easy to remove if needed. This is my second order because I'm always getting new devices.

Great Products!

Not only did I receive an excellent product, but also additional items to make up for some issues that I was having. Excellent customer service!

Happy guy

The mic lock really gives me a great sense of security. The only thing I don’t care for is on my hands free guy and obviously as you all know it doesn’t function that way. But I love it. Thank you.

The Mic-Lock products are terrific

I really appreciate these tools to help protect my privacy, and to safeguard me from attacks on my devices.

Privacy Action Pack
A Great Gift for the Holidays

Having bought from this excellent company before, I wanted to share some of their products with family members for the holidays. Not everyone is knowledgeable about the security risks out there; by gifting these products it enables others to become better informed.

Mic-Lock All Colors 3.5mm - 5 Pack
Sheryll S.
So easy to use, works perfectly, why wouldn’t anyone have this?

The only thing you have to do is pull it out of your device when you want to listen to something with audio, then plug it back in. But seriously, how hard is that? If you care about privacy, just get this.

Does it’s work well

Easy to apply, easy to move and reapply. Works well.

Camera Finder Pro Red and RF Red Bundle

Excellent product...just what we needed!

We purchased the Mic-Lock Lightning w/Soundpass, Mic-Lock USB-C w/Soundpass and the webcam covers. All items work as intended and are great quality. Shipping was prompt and their customer service is wonderful with immediate response times. We have ordered additional product for business use as well and are happy to support this small biz.

Camera Finder Pro Red and RF Red Bundle