WebCam Cover - Clearance Special

WebCam Cover - Clearance Special

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Information is power. Keep your power where it belongs--in your hands. 
Your privacy belongs to you, and you have the power to control it. 

WebCam Cover is a simple, reusable solution for your privacy needs. 
And now, you can get a special discount pack to keep your privacy and your wallet safe.
WebCam Cover Clearance is a pack of 10 randomly assorted WebCam Covers.
In this deal, you'll get at least 3 black WebCam Covers, along with an assortment of hand selected variants. Get your pack today!

Cameras are everywhere in the modern world. We don't always know who is looking through them. With the threat of hackers compromising our security and privacy, it can seem hopeless and complicated to keep ourselves safe. But it isn't hopeless, and it doesn't have to be complicated. With the WebCam Cover you can deny access to your privacy in a way that no hacker can circumvent - by blocking their vision. 

This reusable cover is non-adhesive, so it won't leave sticky residues behind or lose its grip with time. It is a simple and effective solution, with a lifetime guarantee. It's even washable, in case it gets a little dirty. The WebCam Cover is the ideal defense to put control of privacy where it belongs--in your hands.