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Reasons Everyone Should Use a Microphone Blocker

While technology has certainly made our lives easier, tech companies have also become progressively more invasive as they play a role in our everyday lives. It’s also no secret that many companies are looking to get ahold of our data to sell to third parties. Here are a few reasons everyone should use a microphone blocker with their phones and computers.

Protect Your Privacy

The first and foremost reason everyone should use a microphone blocker is to protect their privacy. If you’re having a confidential conversation with someone, the last thing you want is your phone or nearby devices to record you. You can insert microphone blockers into your device’s audio jack to prevent the microphone on your device from being accessed by hackers with malware or passive software that keeps your microphone on when not in use. Many people tape over their computer’s webcams when not in use for a similar reason—you can’t possibly know if the camera, or in this case the microphone, is on without your knowledge.

Third Party Apps

In addition to hackers using malicious software, third-party apps may run software that grants them access to your phone or computer’s microphone. Think about how often apps may ask for access to your microphone, photos, and more. A mic blocker is a good precaution that prevents third-party apps from abusing your trust and using your microphone for their own means. Just because you gave them access when you’re using the app doesn’t mean you’ve allowed them to access your phone or computer without your knowledge.

Digital Assistants

With major tech companies like Apple, Android, and Amazon introducing virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, many people have wondered if their devices are listening in on them without their knowledge. After all, these virtual assistants typically respond to voice commands, so surely they must be listening for those keywords. Reaffirm your boundaries and give yourself peace of mind by using a mic block as an extra security precaution. A mic block will ensure these digital assistants can’t listen in on you until the moment you want them to be able to hear you.

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