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What if You Do Not Use Audio Security?

This is what the other tech companies don’t tell you…

Most people have a smart phone, laptop or tablet that they use at different times. Most of these personal electronic devices do not allow you to disable audio settings. If you have an iOS or Android device there is nothing in “Settings” or their operating systems that lets you turn it off. It does have a “Hey Google” or “Siri” function which will listen all the time for you. So, you must trust Apple and Google (you shouldn’t) that they won’t use your information to sell more ads.

The “Weather App” Would like to Access Your Microphone

Why? What? 

Apps can access your microphone and the lines are grey when they can listen and when they cannot. Each month hundreds of apps get removed from their store because they have been audited and found that they turn your mic on basically when they want to listen to you. Maybe it’s just to know the best time of day to show you their most important ads or maybe it for “machine learning.” The machine does not need to go to school, what the machine is learning is you.

All the Other Threats on the Internet

Hackers, Companies and Apps all want your data to usually sell you stuff. That’s why when you suddenly express your new interest in Tropical Fish near your phone you then start seeing saltwater aquarium ads. It’s spooky. We carry these powerful communication devices but we still must protect our privacy in the digital world to make sure we are not surrendering basic rights for convenience.

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