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5 Common Places To Find Hidden Cameras Indoors

You may have heard stories about travelers who reported finding hidden cameras in their hotels or lodgings. It is sad there are people who will take advantage of our trust, but you don’t have to enter every space in fear that someone is watching you. If you have the knowledge, you have the power—keep reading for more on the most common places to find hidden cameras indoors.

Smoke Detectors

If you suffered a night of insomnia in your hotel room, you have likely spent time staring at the smoke detector on the ceiling, blinking red and green. This is significant because hidden cameras usually have a night vision mode that emits a red or green LED light. That is why cameras hidden in smoke detectors can go unnoticed.

Electrical Outlets

In recent years, electrical outlets have evolved. You can now plug a USB charger right into the wall. You may have noticed most of these sockets usually come equipped with a surge protector that emits a green light. Because of this, these convenient outlets can easily harbor a hidden camera.


Vents are areas that you might not look at closely; why would you? If the vents are doing their job, then that’s good enough. However, that is precisely why these dark and dusty areas are one of the most common places to find hidden cameras indoors.

TV Boxes

With countless online streaming services available, it is rare for anyone to still own a TV box. However, it is still pretty common to find these relics in hotel rooms. These boxes make perfect areas to stash a hidden camera.

Wall Decor

The wall decor you gaze at might be staring right back at you. The thought of this can seem right out of a horror movie, but you shouldn’t have a starring role. At Mic-Lock we have hidden camera detectors to find dangers lurking in all areas. Even if there’s a hidden camera in a place other than the ones mentioned on this list, we will help you find it.

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