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Camera Finder Pro, Hidden Device RF Detector and Faraday Bag Bundle

Camera Finder Pro, Hidden Device RF Detector and Faraday Bag Bundle

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The Complete Travel Bundle:

Total of 1 Camera Finder Pro, 1 Camera Finder Trainer and 1 Hidden Device RF Detector stored in a Signal Blocking Faraday Bag!

Looking to stay in a rental property or hotel? Consider this bundle for all of your privacy needs! This bundle will allow for hidden camera detection, radio-frequency device identification and safe storage in a Signal Blocking Faraday Bag.

List of Products Included:

  1. Camera Finder Pro
  2. Complimentary Camera Finder Trainer
  3. Hidden Device RF Detector
  4. Signal Blocking Faraday Bag

Camera Finder Pro Features:

1 - Hidden Camera Detection: Features an Infrared Portal with LED as well as an Infrared Camera with Video Screen to detect cameras under any lighting conditions. 

2 - Light and Dark Mode: The Camera Finder Pro allows for camera detection under any lighting conditions with light and dark mode. 

Camera Finder Trainer Features:

Learn to identify cameras before you scan. Retailing at $15, the Camera Finder Trainer comes free with your purchase of this bundle.

  1. Camera Lens
  2. 830nm LED Night Vision Lens
  3. 940nm LED Night Vision Lens

Hidden Device RF Detector Features:

1- TruBand Technology: Using advanced TruBand technology, the Hidden Device RF Detector can detect communication signals such as WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G and 5G. 

2- Compact Design: Travel-friendly with a USB charging port and rechargeable battery to help you scan fast and efficiently.

3 - Accessible: Features adjustable sensitivity adjustable sensitivity to find wireless signals with ease. The dual alarm communicates a wireless signal detection via vibration and audio alarm for full accessibility. 

Signal Blocking Faraday Bag Features:

1 - Blocks interference from: Cellular frequencies, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Satellite, RFID, as well as any radio frequency transmissions

2 - Keep your personal items safe with sturdy Velcro closures and ballistic nylon material for durability.

3 - Keep all your daily-use items in one safe bag to prevent any signals hacking into your privacy.


Camera Finder Pro: 4 x 2.4 in (102 x 62 mm)

Hidden Device RF Detector: 4.72 x 0.91 in  (120  x 23 mm)

Signal Blocking Faraday Bag: 7.75 x 4 in (195 x 100 mm)


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