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A Quick Guide To Tell if Your Device Has Been Tapped

There has likely been a moment in your life when you felt the hairs on your body raise at the rising suspicion that someone was watching you. Whether or not that was true, you can still vividly remember the feeling and the fear. That feeling is a reality for many of us, as our phones are huge weaknesses hackers like to focus on. There is no need to worry because this is your guide to tell if your device has been tapped.

Increased Data Usage

If you are an avid watcher of videos on your phone, then your data usage might be higher than someone who uses their device solely for communication. No matter what you do on your device, you should have a good estimation of how much data you use throughout the month. However, if you notice that your data usage has soared dramatically, it could be an indication that a third party is also using your device.

Camera Turning On

Whenever you use your camera on your device, you will usually be able to see a notification of this via a tiny light turning on. Companies installed this light to let you know when your camera is on and you are under surveillance. As such, if you notice this light turns on at random times and when you are not using your camera, this is a serious cause for concern. To help protect you from scenarios like this, Mic-Lock has camera and microphone blockers to keep your information private.

Clicking Suspicious Links

Sometimes, we will receive an email or text message alerting us about suspicious activity on an account that links to your sensitive information. Although this is a helpful thing a company does to alert you, this is also a way that scammers will try to tap your device. Usually, once you click the link and proceed further, they can easily access your phone.

When you receive a message like this, double-check who the sender is. A reputable message from your bank will have their company name with no extra characters added. All you need to do is take a second look at the message, and you can usually tell quite easily when something doesn’t look right.

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