AV Buyer's Club Recommends Mic-Lock for Audio Security - Mic-Lock

AV Buyer's Club Recommends Mic-Lock for Audio Security

On Monday, Sept. 13, 2021 (the day before the September Apple Event), Apple issued a software update to fix a critical flaw in its iPhone, iPads, MacBooks and iWatches. The zero-day hardware bug had allowed foreign governments to eavesdrop on up to 1.65 billion Apple products. The products have been vulnerable since at least March of 2021, six months before the security update. 

What about microphones?

Enter the Mic Lock line of adapters. These third-party adapters plug into your iPhone, USB-C or TRRS and essentially trick the device into thinking a new microphone has been plugged into it. The device switches itself to the Mic Lock, where it hears nothing. You can easily test it with a trusted friend on the other end.

These adapters are well built, cheap and most importantly, they work. They also help to stop Siri or social media sites from listening when you don’t want them to. No more seeing ads about things you just conversed about. It’s time to take back our privacy — and our microphones. 



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