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Can You Stop Your iPhone From Listening to You?

There have likely been times when you felt like your phone was listening to you. While you may have brushed it off as paranoia, there are valid reasons to feel that way—some apps and devices can and do listen to you. The mere thought of that is concerning and will have you asking, can you stop your iPhone from listening to you?


You may be surprised to know there are apps downloaded on your phone that do listen to you. To find out which apps are tuning in, go to your Settings, click Privacy, and tap on Microphone. This section will show you all the apps that have access to your microphone. From there, you can choose to allow or turn off each app’s access to your microphone.


We all know her; she is that handy know-it-all we can go to for seemingly everything, and her name is Siri. Depending on your iPhone, you will need to double-click the lock button or hold the home button down to access Siri. However, Siri also comes with an option to listen for "Hey Siri," meaning that your device is always listening for you to say the key words. To disable this, go to your Settings again, but this time hit Siri & Search to opt out of the "Hey Siri" function.

Mic Blocks

Now that we have addressed whether you can stop your iPhone from listening to you, peace should settle in, right? If you’re still feeling insecure about your iPhone genuinely no longer listening, there are ways to further ensure it.

The best option is to purchase a mic block that completely covers your phone's microphone, ensuring no one can listen. If you’re wondering where to find the right block to fit your iPhone's unique input, worry not. At Mic-Lock, we offer lightning mic blocks designed to fit your iPhone and bring you further peace of mind.

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