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Michael has investigated cyber crimes on behalf of the government for over two decades, and is a leading expert on all things privacy: internet and computer privacy, security, and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).  He really knows what works when it comes to keeping you safe in the digital world!  


We're honored to be featured in several of Michael's blog posts, and his most recent Podcast on October 15, 2021.  Check out Michael's podcast to learn more about how Mic-Lock works, why it's important, and how easy it is to secure your audio privacy... Simple plug-n-play, with no software needed!  Mic-Lock is light and compact, and works with any laptop or desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.  We have a full line of USB-C, Lightning and 3.5mm products available with both a single-ended or SoundPass dongle so you can still be protected with while listening to music with corded headphones!  


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