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Do Mic-Locks Work?

Yes! Mic-Locks do work. Mic-Lock is designed using a MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) and passive components to mirror the expected electrical signature that recording a silent room would transmit. Mic-Lock becomes the devices primary audio source, regardless of how many microphones it contains. Mic-Locks work because there is a circuit to provide a signal back to the phone or computer. 
We all need to protect our audio security, because anything that we say on our phones is of interest to someone; Facebook, third party apps, employers, governments. And they all have a proven history of listening in through our device's microphones.
We are at the point where we must design all technology with hackers in mind. The time when the internet could resemble homes without fences, doors or locks ended years ago. We have to catch up with our current reality.
You have a right to a private conversation just as you have a right to curtains on your bedroom windows and doors on your bathrooms. A Mic-Lock provides you the ability to have such audio privacy, which is your human right.
That is where Mic-Lock comes in. Mic-Lock simply works plug and play on any system with no extra software. 
These adapters, designed for every phone, tablet or desktop
plug into your device's audio port. They contain a patented circuit that makes your device think a microphone has been plugged in, but it has a Mic-Lock plugged which is now the active audio and is transmitting the "sound of silence". As long as the Mic-Lock is plugged in, no hacker, app, or bad actor can access your microphone to spy on your conversations.
You may ask, "There are other microphone blockers on the market, and they don't work. How does the Mic-Lock work, and how can I test it?"
Other microphone blockers are ineffective because they are just dummy plugs. They are not transmitting signals and they aren't blocking sound. Most phones and tablets have more than one microphone. An iPhone 13 Pro, for instance comes with 3 microphones. One dummy plug is not capable of blocking any hacker.
Mic-Lock is the only digital solution and the only one with a US Patent. It is not like using a dummy plug type microphone blocker or a pair of cut off headphones. 
How can I test Mic-Lock or how do I know the Mic-Lock is working?
The great new is that you don't have to take our word for it! Simply plug in your Mic-Lock and make a phone call. The party on the other end will not be able to hear you because the Mic-Lock, while plugged in, becomes your devices' primary source.
Okay So - Which Mic-Lock should I get?
Hopefully we can answer it in these charts:
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