How You Can Sweep for Bugs With Hidden Device Detectors

How You Can Sweep for Bugs With Hidden Device Detectors

We have grown increasingly accustomed to almost constant surveillance throughout a normal day in our lives. But this monitoring is an aspect we are aware of: cameras in grocery stores, banks, and clothing shops. However, what happens when we are under surveillance without our knowledge? Nowadays, that is a common and valid concern. Here is how you can sweep for bugs with hidden device detectors.

Search the Area

It might surprise you to know that cameras can hide in the most surprising places. Hidden cameras are found in lightbulbs, charging docks, fire alarms, tanning rooms, and dressing rooms, to name a few. That is why it is crucial for you to inspect an area visually and physically when you first arrive. Visually sweeping for bugs will help you better utilize your hidden device detector when it is time to give the site a scan.

Split Up

The best way to observe is by splitting the room into quadrants, as it keeps you from getting overwhelmed and missing something crucial. Go through each area with a fine-tooth comb, and don’t move on until you feel confident you have examined everything. As you meticulously observe, make general observations about each quadrant.

Spot It

It is quite simple to make general observations; just take note of anything out of the ordinary. These are areas you will want to examine: anything that looks out of place or questionable, duplicate items, holes in the wall, or odd positioning of objects. When you force your mind to look into areas you might not typically examine, it allows you to notice a possible hidden bug that might have gone unnoticed.

Scan the Area

Now that you have inspected and observed the room, you can sweep for bugs with your hidden device detector. First, give each quadrant a broad scan, then get up close to the suspicious areas you took note of and give that a scan. If, for example, there is a hidden camera in a charging dock, you will see a red light emanating from the object when looking at it through the scanner.

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