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iPhone Hack Prevention Tips You Should Know

You might have heard that iPhones are immune to hackers, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Nearly every single technological device connected to the internet is in constant danger of being hacked. You might feel powerless to stop any of these advances. But don’t worry because we provided some prevention tips you should know to stop hackers from accessing your iPhone.

Keep Strong Passwords

You’ve likely experienced this situation: You created an account for something new and put in your same old password only to receive a notification that it was too weak. While it is certainly annoying to come up with an entirely new password, there is a good reason for this. A strong password is your first and best defense against hackers trying to gain access to your iPhone.

Use Physical Blockers

You might wonder about your digital privacy when your phone requires access to your mic. That is the case with our iPhones, as their Siri feature requires your microphone to work properly. The thought of this may be troublesome as it usually means your microphone is always on, even if you don’t have the “Hey Siri” feature on.

However, there are devices you can purchase to help protect yourself from hackers. At Mic-Lock, we have iPhone Mic Blockers specifically designed to fit your iPhone’s Lightning port. We want to do everything we can to help you protect your digital privacy. 

Refrain From Sketchy Apps

One thing you should know about iPhones is that their App Store is generally safer than Android’s, but there are still some things you should watch out for during your next download. Refrain from installing apps requiring extra access to your iPhone to function. This is a hacker prevention tip you must know. Say you want to download a fun app, but it asks for extra information like access to your location, camera, and microphone. These apps should not need this information to work, as this is an easy way for hackers to access your iPhone.


Today, many see privacy as a privilege, but, in truth, it is a right. It is a disturbing thought that someone can access your phone and listen to your conversations. That free app may have a hidden cost of your privacy. However, you are not entirely powerless, as there are quite a few actions you can take to protect yourself and your information.

At Mic-Lock, that is what we aim to do. We want to protect you from those infringing on your confidentiality. From microphone blockers to camera covers to hidden camera detectors, shop with us, and you will see we have everything you need to protect your privacy.

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