Mic-Lock Review: The Most Underrated Privacy Tool

Mic-Lock Review: The Most Underrated Privacy Tool

Ever wonder whether your device is listening to and recording you even when it’s not supposed to? Ever accidentally butt-dialed someone only for them to hear a conversation that they shouldn’t have heard? Mic-Lock is the web-cam sticker equivalent for microphone blocking that is totally underappreciated for protecting your privacy.

Mic-Locks are the best, easy-to-use microphone blockers on the market. By tricking your device into thinking there is a microphone plugged in, even if your device tries to eavesdrop, it won’t be able to record anything. Get the original Mic-Lock if you need a compact form or get the Mic-Lock with SoundPass if you want the versatility of still being able to plug in external headphones or speakers.

I bought two kinds of Mic-Locks and have been using them for over six months now. In this article, I’ll talk about my experience using these to block the microphones on my devices, and what I wish I knew before I bought them. I’ll also cover why you might want a microphone blocker and exactly how these Mic-Locks function.

Why Would You Want To Block Your Microphone?

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider blocking your microphone:

  • To have the peace of mind that no one can hijack your microphones and listen to you.
  • To prevent accidental callers (a.k.a. the good old butt-dial) from hearing your conversations.
  • To ensure that your microphone is muted on a conference call.
  • To ensure that your work or school-provided device is not snooping on you as you work from home.
  • To avoid getting advertisements related to your conversations.
  • To protect yourself from targeted attacks if you are a stalking victim, journalist, activist, business executive, federal agent, etc.

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