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New Security IC with Four 4Kp30 Channels with AI Signals an Architectural Sea Change

Sometimes you read or hear about something and it just has the "ah-ha" effect. It's like that moment in a movie when you see something that shows how the movie will end. Santa Clara, California based Ambarella chip maker's announcement of the CV5S and CV52S shows how the future of AI Vision based security will be built out, and it is startling and fascinating. The specifications are amazing. Their new SoCs (Systems on a Chips) in one 5 nm semiconductor has exponential imaging advancement, integrated with AI and less than 5 watts over current single 4k SoCs imaging silicon. So what does it mean?

1) Four 4Kp30 multi-headed cameras all in one chip

2) AI to process all that imaging data-not in the cloud but built right into that same chip. 

3) This quadruples the AI image processing performance and lowers the power consumption to less than 3 watt for 4Kp60 encoding.

4) AI will be decentralized and built into camera sensors by early 2023.

5) The cloud will be used for aggregation and comparative analysis rather than "real-time" threat awareness and target identification. 

6) Biometric Data will be stored and processed locally and can be tailored for image targets and or traffic. Does this give us better privacy because it is not in the cloud? Data can still be shared after it is processed.

7) This will help companies navigate and comply with the different local and international privacy laws. Just look between neighboring Illinois and Indiana - what and how biometric data is sent is a world of difference.

8) Better Detection - detecting targets in a crowd, using face recognition and/or license plate recognition (one of the biggest challenges) will get a huge upgrade directly at the source of detection making for faster threat reaction.

Security system designers desire higher resolutions, increasing channel counts, and ever faster and more ubiquitous AI capabilities. Ambarella’s newest AI vision SoCs for security are competitive solutions for meeting the growing demands of the security IC (integrated circuit) sector. Per Yole Développement (Yole), a French market research firm, latest report forecasts the annual total demand for Security IC market will exceed US$ 4 billion by 2025, with two-thirds of that being chips with AI capabilities. 

Now just think what this same architecture could do for a self driving car :)

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