TikTok Has Started Collecting Your ‘Voiceprints’ and ‘Faceprints.’ Here’s What It Could Do With Them

TikTok made a change to it privacy policy allowing the company to “automatically” collect new types of biometric data, including what it describes as “faceprints” and “voiceprints.”

With almost 700 million users globally, capturing that information means TikTok could use it within their application, or they could turn and share it with another actor, government or company.

While TikTok’s privacy policy states that it “does not sell personal information to third parties,” it also says it may share the information it collects for “business purposes.”

Wondering how TikTok defines "business purposes?"

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What TikTok Could Do With 'Faceprints' and 'Voiceprints' | Time

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