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Tips for Finding Hidden Cameras in Vacation Rentals

With the advent of technology, the surety of our privacy is evermore in danger as we must face the reality of hidden cameras. As such, we must stay on constant alert when it comes to our surroundings in areas that we aren’t familiar with. It may seem outlandish to imagine, but many travelers are under surveillance without their knowledge. You shouldn’t feel like you’re under watch when at your most vulnerable. Here are our tips for finding hidden cameras in your vacation rental.

Finding Dangers

It may seem scary, as there are many places in a vacation rental where hidden cameras can lie. Criminals hide their cameras in unsuspecting areas that many people don’t think to inspect, including vents, light fixtures, and even smoke detectors. However, you must know that you aren’t powerless as there are ways to find any dangers that lurk. Keep reading for our tips on finding hidden cameras in your vacation rental.

Use a Hidden Camera Detector

To find hidden cameras, the first thing you want to do upon entering your rental is turn off the lights and inspect the area with a Hidden Camera Detector. Shine the LEDs over every section in the room, especially those hard-to-reach areas, like vents and light fixtures. Then, look for anything that gives off a reflection and take note of these places. However, keep in mind that reflections don’t mean you have a hidden camera, so you will need to inspect these areas further to be sure.

If you notice any reflections, then look deeper into these areas with a hidden camera detector. You want to ensure that cameras are lurking in the area before alerting the authorities.

At Mic-Lock, we have spy camera detectors that provide you with the privacy and peace you deserve. Our technology is highly accurate, user-friendly, and reliable. We will alert you of any hidden cameras quickly and efficiently.

What To Do

So what happens if you notice a hidden camera in the area? Once you have detected a hidden camera with your device, the best thing to do is immediately alert the authorities. Documenting the evidence with videos and photos is also a good idea.

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