ZD News' Top Holiday Gift for Security Enthusiast

ZD News' Top Holiday Gift for Security Enthusiast

Struggling to find the prefect holiday gift for your friend or family member who are Privacy Enthusiast. You know the one...saying that your computer and phones are listening to you (they are right) and you should protect your privacy. The person for whom privacy is the ultimate luxury and being under the radar is their mission!

They can still love the holidays and keep their privacy with these great gadets!

1. Mic-Lock Microphone Blockers

As the person you are buying for already knows and has most likely told you, iOS nor Android do not have a way to turn off the mics on your device. That phone you bring into your bedroom, bathroom and any room can always be listening. Mic-Lock offers a solution to fix that. It send the signal of a silent room into your device to make it always in mute mode or in silent mode. Available in 3.5mm, USB-C and Lightning. They also have a SoundPass feature which will let you hear your audio through headphones or external speakers but still has their audio security in place. 

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