Mic-Lock Hidden Camera Detector Support

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Can this detector find hidden GPS too?

The Hidden Camera Detector Pro only finds hidden cameras and cannot locate devices transmitting a GSM or GPS signal. The Hidden Device Detector and the 5-1 One Hidden Camera and RF Detector can find GPS transmitters if they are active.

Can this device find hidden cameras outside, i believe my neighbor has one in a birdhouse or flower pot hanging on his fence to watch us.

Yes, it can find cameras inside or outside. Most cameras mounted outside use infrared to illuminate the video at night. The infrared is easy to see. It looks like light beams coming from one source (the camera). The infrared viewfinder will help you locate them.

Can this still detect a hidden camera if viewed at an angle?

Yes. A +/- 15 degree angle from the direct surface you are inspecting is the limit.

Does this detect listening devices?

This does not detect listening devices. If you do a search on our site for “Mic-Lock 6G” or “Mic-Lock 12G” you will find our camera and wireless signal detectors.

Do i need to buy the SDHC card for this bug detector to operate?

There is no camera needed for this product so no memory card is needed. The internal battery will power the 12 red LEDs for over 3+ hours of continuous use. Simply recharge it with any standard USB charger.

How about game cameras?Will it find?

Yes, the hidden camera finder or detect any camera as long it is pointed at you. It detects any camera lens. There is a cat’s eye reflection from the lens through the infrared lens viewer.

How big is the viewfinder?

The infrared view finder is 2.5" (6.5 cm) width X 1" (3 cm) height. It's big enough that you can search and scan for hidden cameras with both eyes.

How far in feet can this detector find IR hidden cameras ?

t depends on how bright the IR brightness is. With a Nest or Ring outdoor with IR as a baseline, then 7/8 ft with normal visibility would be expected. The LEDs don’t have to be on for this. Since most cameras used for surveillance or observation come equipped with infrared cameras or IR, the unit’s large viewfinder allows you to sweep quickly with both eyes.

If the camera is not plugged in, will the device still find it?

Yes, the Hidden Camera Detector will find any camera lens regardless if it is plugged in or not. The reflection of the lens will occur with or without power to the hidden camera.

Is this device powered by battery or rechargeable?

This unit has a rechargeable internal battery. It charges off of USB and comes with a short USB cable.

What is the battery in this product? How many watts?

The internal battery is 3.7v 200mAh. It takes about 2 hours to charge and will last for 4 hours of use with all LEDs on

Whats the maximum range of detection?

I have found it to be about 15 feet--with the lights in the room dimmed. It greatly depends on your eyesight (20/20 or Good Enough to Drive). You will want to be 3-5 feet from the scan surface. Use both eyes to scan each object and separate area, such as air ducts.

Where is this device made?

The product is made in China and tested and packed out in the US. Our company is based in the state of Washington.

Why is a red led used, why not white, green, blue? if anyone knows, just curious.

The red LEDs are used to help you find infrared cameras faster. The red wave length is closer than the other colors for infrared light. The eye can see to 720nm which is red on the visible light spectrum.

Will it detect a hidden cell phone?

This a product used to find a hidden camera lens. If someone is using a smartphone camera pointed at you, it would find the camera lens on the smartphone.

Will this Device detect or interfere with police radar?

This device does not detect or interfere with police radar. This device works by sending out a red light with a red filter. Cameras are detected by looking for the reflection off the camera lens. To test it, put your cell phone against the wall in a way that the camera is facing you. The camera lens shows up as a bright red reflection when you look through the viewer.

 -Would it find cameras behind mirrors?

If the camera is behind a 2 way mirror, then it would see the camera lens reflection.