Mic-Lock Lightning Microphone Blocker Support

Mic-Lock 3.5mm  Lightning Single Ended Microphone Blocker:





Mic-Lock Lightning Soundpass Microphone Blocker:




  1. Open the “Voice Memos” app located on the iPhone. 
  2. Tap the red Record button to start recording the voice or audio. 
  3. Plug in the Mic-Lock and the recording will stop.
  4. Tap the Record button again and no audio will be captured. 
  5. Remove the Mic-Lock to restore the audio capture feature.


Mac OS X

  1. Open “QuickTime Player” found in the Applications folder.
  2. Pull down the “File” menu and choose “New Audio Recording.”
  3. Click the red Record button to start recording audio from the default microphone source.*
  4. Plug in the Mic-Lock and the recording audio wave forms will stop.
  5. Unplug Mic-Lock to restore audio capture.



- Are you able to charge your phone while using this device?

We are sorry but no, you cannot charge your phone and use this device at the same time.

- Can I use Bluetooth-connected earbuds/mic while this is in place?

The iPhone can only have one mic or audio on at a time. If you plug in the Mic-Lock it becomes the default and primary mic/audio port. If you switch to Bluetooth the iPhone will do as its told and make the Bluetooth devices the primary. You can just re-plug in the Mic-Lock after you are done with Bluetooth and you’ll be protected again. Simply re-inserting the Mic-Lock makes it the primary device.

- Can i use my apple certified⚡️to 3.5mm female adapter cable with my 3.5mm miclock & will it work the same as this model?

Yes, the Mic-Lock 3.5mm (Single Ended with no SoundPass) will work with the Lightning to 3.5mm adaptor.

- Does it work still with wireless headphones?

This does not work with wireless headphones. They work with a wired headset.

- How does this product differ from the Apple adaptor with lightning side which plugs into device and female audio port for wired headphones?

The difference is the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm allows audio to be captured by the microphone. With the Mic-Lock Lightning with SoundPass, it will appear to the phone that a microphone is connected but nothing is transmitted. The Mic-Lock is a real microphone to the iPhone. Silence is the only signal. The Mic-Lock gives you audio security and allows you to hear music but nothing is recordable via the microphone.

- If I want to stream without sound on Facebook will this cut out the audio around me?

Yes it will do exactly that. You can hear them, they cannot hear you and your Apple device will see the Mic-Lock as the active audio port. If you switch to the speakerphone, the iPhone will do as told and go into the speakerphone mode. To restart Mic-Lock as the active mic, just plug it in and you’ll be secured.

- If I were to cut off the section past the Lightning connector would it still block the mic? I don’t want to carry around a phone with a dangling cable.

No, because the part that you want to cut off has the Mic-Lock circuit in it. Please search our site for our Mic-Lock Lightning Single Ended.

- iPhone 12 compatible?

Yes, our product is iPhone 12 compatible. It is registered under the Apple Made For iPhone (MFI). We buy all the connectors from authorized Apple suppliers.

- Iphone have two microphones. one at the bottom where the mic-lock plugs in, one up inside where you put the phone to your ear that’s how siri can hear

If “Hey Siri” is enabled in Settings, yes, the iOS will stay resident for your “Hey Siri” voice print. With the Mic-Lock attached, Siri will launch but no command will be transmitted. When you enable “Hey Siri” that is a global system command and it is always on. If you say “Hey Siri, create an appointment” or “set a timer” the Siri Icon on the screen will just cycle and it will timeout and return to the last active app. The iPhone will hear “Hey Siri” but no tasks or commands will follow. Mic-Lock is the active mic at the system audio input which is why Siri needs to “hear” the thousand of different app commands you have. We do not recommend having “Hey Siri” on unless you are driving or in need of hands-free.

- Is this the same as the mic-lock 3.5mm with soundpass microphone blocking device? is the lightning connection better?

The Mic-Lock security circuit is the same as all of our other products. The difference with this one is the Apple Lightning port for iPhones and most iPads (not the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2020, Mini 2021). Is it better than a 3.5mm connector? No-but they aren’t really comparable. The 3.5mm analog sounds just as good as it does when it converts to analog with the Lightning connector. What Lightning does is more than audio. It powers/recharges the phone and is a fast data port. A 3.5mm connector cannot do anything other than audio. Every iPhone introduced since the iPhone 7 has only had the Lightning port.

- Is this trs (2-ring) or trrs (3-ring)? i tried plugging in my earbuds with an inline mic and volume buttons, but the buttons and mic don’t work.

The Mic-Lock is TRRS. The volume control on the headset is not compatible with Mic-Lock.

- I've previously purchased several for my note8, now i'm looking for a newer version to fit a note 20 5g.

The Samsung Note20 (5G) uses the USB C connector. Please search our store for USB Mic-Lock

- My headphone port is at the top of my iPad not in the charging port. Is it going to work and how?

Yes that is correct, most iPads have a 3.5 mm port and a Lightning connector. We make Mic-Lock in both versions and either one will work. Apple also uses the USB C port and not the Lightning port on the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2020 and iPad Mini 2021. We make a Mic-Lock for every port.

- Why can’t I hear who is talking to me on my phone unless I turn my speaker on?

"The Mic-Lock is the active audio source. With the Mic-Lock active the audio security prevents the transmission of audio. Tap on the speakerphone icon and then after you are done re-plug in the Mic-Lock and the security will be active again. Plugging in Mic-Lock makes it the active audio source.

- Why does it not block Siri!??

If you choose to have your iPhone actively "listening" for your "Hey, Siri" command the iPhone uses this as a global system command and always resident operation at the OS level. In other words, it is always active and resident for the phrase "Hey, Siri."

With the Mic-Lock being the last thing plugged into the iPhone, with "Hey, Siri" turned on, if you say “Hey Siri” it will do as commanded and go into waiting for verbal command mode. The verbal command routes to the active audio source selected. "Hey, Siri" will come up but the iPhone will not take any command because the active audio is the Mic-Lock. So, you can say "set an alarm" and Siri will just go in circles.

You can tell Siri to make an appointment or call someone and the command will not be followed because the Mic-Lock is the audio input. Siri will come up but will not do anything.If your goal is to block Siri, turn off "Hey, Siri."

- Will my iPhone ring audibly when this is in place?

Yes, the phone will ring. This assumes that the ringer is enabled and the volume of the ringer is on.

- Will this block out surrounding audio if I’m recording via Facebook live, tired of getting copyrighted for music and would rather have no audio

You won’t be able to record a video with any sound if this is plugged in. It blocks the microphone as intended.

- Will this work even if I don’t have anything (earbuds, etc.,) plugged into the other end?

With the Mic-Lock Lightning plugged into the iPhone or iPad, it will act as though there is a live “mic” plugged in. No audio will transmit. When switched to speakerphone the iPhone will follow directions and make the speakerphone mic active. To restart the Mic-Lock, just plug it in again.