Camera Finder Pro Red and RF Red Bundle

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Camera Finder Pro Red and RF Red Bundle

$99.99 $165.00 -40% OFF

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Product description

Camera Finder Pro - Red, Hidden Device RF Detector and FREE Faraday Bag!!


Everything you need to ensure safety on your trip in one easy to carry Faraday Bag. Detect Night Vision automatically! Find RF communication devices without all the noise with our TrueBand technology!

2 in 1 hidden camera detector with Automatic Night Vision Light Detection- Infrared Video Camera with built in Display and LED Detector all in one device! Great for AirBnB, Hotel Travel Security and Privacy.

  • Two Camera Detectors in One - Infrared Video Camera and LED Based Spy Hidden Camera Device Finders. Find any Camera by its Night Vision or Lens Reflection. 

  • Automatic Night Vision Camera  Detector Scan Room in Minutes with the Lights Off!  See Invisible Light Easily. Professional Services that cost $350 per Hidden Camera Room Scan use this Technology. Use What the Pros Use!

  • Night Mode: Turn off all the lights and turn on the Camera Finder Pro`s video screen. When the lights are out a hidden camera will turn on its Night Vision. Best Spy Camera Detector for Night Vision!

  • Day Time Mode: Use the Super Bright Red LEDs to scan and find hidden camera lens reflections.    

Find any hidden camera in hotels, restrooms, Airbnbs quickly to ensure your privacy and protection when you are not at home.

Dual mode hidden camera detector makes searching a room fast and accurate with our video camera and LED based hidden device detector. Perfect to use while traveling or on vacation to make sure your safety and privacy are protected when you are away from home. After you put your bags down you can quickly make sure the room does not have electronic bugs. Cameras can be hidden in devices you would never have imagined: Fake water bottles, smoke alarms, key fobs, USB chargers, picture frames, clocks, whatever you can think of! High quality hidden cameras are so inexpensive and easy to use with the internet anyone can set up a system to watch and listen to you. If you search for 'hidden camera' you will see how how cheap Wifi Hi Res Cameras are ( The cameras do their job all too well and every day there is a news story of someone, who may have been a respected doctor, teacher, coach, or church figure being charged with filming women, children and other men. There are indeed bad actors who do bad things. Protect yourself and your family with the Camera Finder Pro 2022!

Camera Finder Pro Walk through and set up video here: Camera Finder Pro

Hidden Device Detector Walk through and set up video here: Hidden Device Detector


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Katherine H.

Camera Finder Pro Red and RF Red Bundle

Mark F.

Camera Finder Pro Red and RF Red Bundle

Steven C.
Camera finder Pro read an RF red bundle

Looks of high quality very happy with what I received. Haven’t used it yet but I’m sure it will work.

Elena P.
Amazing product!

My daughter and 7 friends are going on a Eurotrip, and this was exactly what they need to check all their airbnbs and hotel rooms.
Thanks so much for the great service and quick shipment!

Jim B.
Extremely well thought-out products

These products are unique and absolutely essential for anyone concerned about privacy. The Camera Finder Pro is ingenious and ensures that you will find out if you are being spied on. Fortunately, a sweep of my domicile showed it was clean but if you travel, this is a must have. The RF detector works amazingly. I had to turn down the sensitivity because it was picking up my neighbors' wi-fi routers but then reassured me that my residence was bug free. Just great products.