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All-in-One Camera and RF Finder (5-1)

All-in-One Camera and RF Finder (5-1)

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All-in-One Camera and RF Finder

The All-in-One Camera and RF Finder detects camera lens reflections, invisible infrared light and wireless signals all in one device. 

Ensure your environment is safe and secured whether you are checking into a hotel room, having a confidential meeting or entering a public bathroom. 

Camera Lens Reflection

The All-in-One Camera and RF Finder features 5 different tools to ensure a full inspection of your environment. Look through the viewfinder to detect the reflection of any nearby camera lenses.

Night Vision Detector

To find hidden cameras that may use invisible infrared light, or night vision, the All-in-One Camera and RF Finder features a black strip sensor to detect infrared wavelengths.

Wireless Signal Detector 

Using advanced TruBand technology, the All-in-One Camera and RF Finder can detect communication signals such as WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G and 5G. With adjustable sensitivity, find wireless signals with ease. The dual alarm communicates a wireless signal detection via vibration and audio alarm for full accessibility. 

Hidden Camera Trainer

Retailing at $15, the Hidden Camera Trainer comes free with your purchase of an All-in-One Camera and RF Finder. Featuring three different camera types, learn to use your camera detector.

Featured Hidden Camera Trainer Cameras: 

  1. Regular Camera Lens
  2. Night Vision 830nm Lens
  3. Night Vision 940nm Lens

Faraday Bag

The All-in-One Camera and RF Finder and Hidden Camera Trainer come stored in a Faraday Bag. Keep all your items safe from Radio Frequency transmissions while inside the faraday bag. Made with ballistic nylon material for durability.

The Faraday Bag also includes USB micro cables for both the All-in-One Camera and RF Finder as well as the complimentary Hidden Camera Trainer. 

Watch this video to see how it works:

1- Secure your environment: moving-in to new house, checking-in to your hotel room or having a confidential meeting; the Adjustable RF signal sensitivity will expose all hidden recording devices.

2- TruBand Technology : our most advanced technology to find communication signals only like WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G.

3- Compact design: travel-friendly with two alarm modes, USB with rechargeable battery to help you scan fast and efficiently.

All-in-One Camera and RF Finder Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.1 inches (140 x 55mm)


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