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Hidden Device RF Detector

Hidden Device RF Detector

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Hidden Device RF Detector

Detect wireless signals from hidden devices using the sleek and easy to use Hidden Device RF Detector.

Ensure your environment is safe and secured whether you are traveling, having a confidential meeting or moving in to a new home. 

Wireless Signal Detector 

Using advanced TruBand technology, the Hidden Device RF Detector can detect communication signals such as WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G and 5G. With adjustable sensitivity, find wireless signals with ease. The dual alarm communicates a wireless signal detection via vibration and audio alarm for full accessibility. 

Watch this video to see how it works:

1- Secure your environment: moving-in to new house, checking-in to your hotel room or having a confidential meeting; the Adjustable RF signal sensitivity will expose all hidden wireless recording devices.

2- TruBand Technology is our most advanced technology that is tuned to only find communication signals like WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G. 

3- Compact design: travel-friendly, with two Alarm modes, USB with rechargeable battery to help you scan fast and efficiently.

Dimensions: 4.72 x 0.91 inches (120 x 23 mm)


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