Mic-Lock Lightning with SoundPass

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  • KEEP CONVERSATIONS PRIVATE WITH SOUNDPASS - The newly re-designed Mic-Lock with SOUNDPASS features an adaptor that allows you to use headphones while Mic-Lock is plugged into your iPhone's Lightning Port
  • STRONG DEFENSE AGAINST CYBER ATTACKERS - Our one-piece privacy solution blocks audio hackers from using your microphones or even your speakers to listen to you.
  • THE ONLY DIGITAL ANTI-SPYING SOUND BLOCKER on the market with a SoundPass adaptor. Mic-Lock tricks your electronic device into believing its microphone is occupied by copying the exact signal a microphone generates, thus preventing cyber attackers from using it.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE - Lightning to 3.5mm adaptor works with Lightning iPhones, iPads and iPods
  • Customer Reviews

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    Walter H.
    Mic-Lock Saves Lives !!

    In an effort to secure our data both "on and off" the road, we have made several purchases from Mic-Lock. Our clients, our work and our data must remain secure and protected at all times. As such, security is a very high priority for us and for those we work with. The bottom line is that Mic-Lock is an organization we highly recommend and we will continue to use Mic-Lock's products every day.

    Mix M.
    Phone will not work on speaker phone w this in

    Works 100% blocks any conversation

    Protect your privacy!

    Basic, no issues. I’d like it NOT to have an aux and iPhone input though.

    Hubby B.
    Easy to use

    Works good - just wish it was no headphones and a lot smaller. PLEASE MAKE THIS! Thanks!

    Does what it is supposed to do

    It does exactly what it is supposed to do and knowing my phone has been hacked before this at least eliminates anyone from using it as a remote listening device. It would be nice if it just plugged into the port without the extra cord