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Mic-Lock Lightning SoundPass Microphone Blocker

Mic-Lock Lightning SoundPass Microphone Blocker

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The Mic-Lock Lightning SoundPass Microphone Blocker

The Mic-Lock Lightning SoundPass offers audio privacy while still allowing you to enjoy listening to music, movies or a podcast with 3.5mm headphones or external speakers. Please note this product only works on Apple iPhone (14 and lower) and older iPads. Please use our chat bot to find what works with my device if you have any questions. 

How Does the Mic-Lock Protect Audio Privacy?

Mic-Lock works by becoming your devices' primary audio source. When plugged in, Mic-Lock will transmit the sound of an empty room to any government, app or individual who may be listening in through your devices' microphone.

Mic-Lock is the only mic-blocker on the market that has a semiconductor inside the housing that actually takes over the microphone and transmits the sound of silence. All imitators are merely dummy plugs. Mic-Lock is the only microphone blocker that holds a US patent, and is the only one you can trust. 

Watch this video to see how it works:

1- Secure your audio privacy, don’t let your devices spy on you.

2- Easy to use: Plug and play, no software needed! All products are automatically activated upon insertion.

3- Compatible with all Lightning ports for Apple devices.

Dimensions: 0.85 x 0.3 inches ( 21.7 x 7.6 mm)


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