Mic-Lock Micro Lightning Single Ended

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40% Smaller than anything we have yet designed!

Works with any Apple Lightning device (iPhone and iPad).

  • KEEP CONVERSATIONS PRIVATE - The newly designed Mic-Lock Micro provides audio security for all iPhones with a lightning port (newer than iPhone 5).
  • IT IS TINY - Plugged in it is 2cm (0.78") by 1cm by (0.38")
  • STRONG DEFENSE AGAINST CYBER ATTACKERS - Our one-piece privacy solution blocks audio hackers from using your microphones or even your speakers from listening to you.
  • THE ONLY DIGITAL ANTI-SPYING SOUND BLOCKER on the market. Mic-Lock tricks your electronic device into believing its microphone is occupied by copying the exact signal a microphone generates, thus preventing cyber attackers from using it.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE works with Lightning iPhones, iPads and iPods. No software is needed.
  • WHAT ABOUT SIRI? We recommend for security reasons you do not have any virtual assistant turned on. If you do want your phone always listening here is what will happened: The  phone will always be listening for your voice print of the summons command,  "Hey Siri." This is done through an array of microphones on the phone. Siri will pop up but then the phone will not do anything-possibly making Siri more annoying than ever. So if you say,  "Hey Siri" the circles will appear. You say,  "What is the weather?" Siri then goes to the Mic-Lock for command instructions. None are passed because it is only silence. 


Customer Reviews

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Chris W.
Fantastic PRIVACY!

This is a must have if you are tired of your phone listening on you and targeting ads or who knows what else against you. Keep your privacy!!!

Normandy S.
Very good product

Hi, I must say a big thank you for such a wonderful product, just that the cost of each lock is rather expensive.

Works But Could Could Improve

I like the compact size and the product does mute the main microphone. It will not fit through the hole in the bottom of my phone case. I will either need to remove the case or modify the mini lightning hole size. Also, I’d like to see a product that will mute or create a silent frequency to mute the remaining iPhone speakers. This is a good product, but its not 100%.

Nicolle A.
Awesome except…

Love it but doesn’t fit if my phone case is on. So every time I use it I have to pull down my case. Bummer really but look forward to one that works with a phone case