WebCam Cover Mini
WebCam Cover Mini
WebCam Cover Mini
WebCam Cover Mini
WebCam Cover Mini
WebCam Cover Mini
WebCam Cover Mini

WebCam Cover Mini

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Black WebCam Cover MINI!

Web Camera Cover is the original and best product on the market to ensure your web camera is secure. The MINI is 30% smaller then normal webcam covers! Works great over smaller webcams (MacBook Pro Retina 12″ and Microsoft Surface Pro)!

This webcam cover does NOT use tape, glue or adhesive. It sticks to your webcam lens with tiny microscopic suction cups. No mess, no residue, no sticky junk. Take it off, put it back on more than 300,000 times and it will still stick.
  • 100% WEBCAM SECURITY for your laptop, tablet, desktop or smart phone. Hackers often commandeer the webcam on devices to see you in private, see your credit card, or look around your home for a later theft. Taking just on second to put this smart webcam cover over your camera lens fully protects you from hackers. It completely hacker proof!
  • SUPER THIN, DISCREET BLACK DESIGN won't even be noticed when it's over your webcam. So thin and light it won't keep your laptop computer from going into sleep mode. We use high quality soft microfiber so the cover will not scratch your device like some other plastic and metal products on the market.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensure this will be your best bet for a no-risk purchase. Makes a great gift for any friend, family or co-worker.

WebCam Size: 11mm by 11mm and 0.5mm thick

Quantity: 1 Web Camera Cover Patch

Life Cycle: Over 300,000 uses

  • Material: Propriety Organic Polymer which safely sticks to any electronics surface: plastics, painted plastic, glass, metal.

    Directions for use:

    1) Peel off the Webcam Cover from the card and place it over the web camera lens on your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet.
    2) This is a fail safe 100% hacker proof way to know the camera is not being turned on by someone who has administrative rights to your computer or may have been installed spy camera program on your system without your knowledge.
    3) When you wish to use your web camera simply un-peel the webcam cover and place to the side of the computer.

    Taking care of your webcam cover:

    If the Web Camera Cover becomes less sticky simply rinse it with clean water and let it air dry and it will be reactivated in less then 5 mins. Do not use soap or any kind of detergent on the Web Camera Cover. It will last for years!