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Hidden Device Detector Hidden Device Detector
Hidden Device Detector $49.99 $79.99
RADIO FREQUENCY SIGNAL - Easy to Operate! Change the RF Sensitivity while you are doing your scan with one hand. Never lose your spot while scanning.  BRIGHT LED SENSITIVITY INDICATION - Bright LED segments show the level of RF with a vibration and low audible alert. Search discreetly without drawing any attention. TRAVEL SIZED WITH USB Micro Cable Port– Our Radio Frequency and Detector measures only 12cm x 2.3 cm or 4.72” x 0.91” Pocket sized easy to use anywhere. One full charge will provide up to 8 hours of continuous use. Enjoy privacy in your hotel room or dream vacation rental with peace of mind. PROTECT AND SECURE YOUR PRIVACY - TrueBand Technology - Only Search for Communication Signals like WIFI, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, BlueTooth, ZWave, IoT, 2.4GHz DECT. Ignore the noise and just search for bugs. Accurately locate hidden cameras and audio bugs no matter where they are hiding in hotels, vacation rentals, bathrooms, locker rooms, or conference meeting rooms. USER MANUAL IS WRITTEN IN CLEAR ENGLISH – Watch How-To Videos on our Store.  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Easy to use RF detector with adjustable sensitivity control you can change while you are scanning. No need to put the unit down, adjust, then try to remember where you were at. One thumb operation makes your searches fast and easy. We utilize proprietary RF channel banding which only triggers on communication signals (WiFi, Zigby, BLE, Z-Wave, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G). This means fewer false positives making the search for hidden devices more efficient and effective. Small enough to be carried for travel and powerful enough to give you peace of mind that your privacy is secure and ensured! Internal battery is rechargeable with any USB adapter (Charger not included, USB Micro Cable is included). Any device that sends a communication radio signal will be found with this unit. A hidden camera, an audio bug, a cellphone taped under a conference table - anything that uses a radio to transmit information will be captured and identified by the HDD! Hidden Device Detector Setup and Usage Video
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Mic-Lock Android Privacy Pack Mic-Lock Android Privacy Pack
Mic-Lock Android Privacy Pack $69.99 $120.00
The Mic-Lock Android and Computer Privacy Pack is the perfect solution for anyone looking for audio security for up to 4 different devices. This pack includes every flavor of Mic-Lock, from USB-C to 3.5mm, all in one rugged poly-carbon fiber carry case. The laser die-cut foam inserts make it easy to take all the different types of Mic-Locks with you wherever you go. The pack also includes a USB-C Secure Charge, USB-A Secure Charge, and a 10-pack of WebCam Covers (11mm x 11mm). Plus, it comes with a custom Mic-Lock Carbon Fiber Case with a D-Clip. The pack also includes instructions for setting up and using the Mic-Lock 3.5mm and USB-C. The Mic-Lock Android and Computer Privacy Pack is an incredible value that you can take with you wherever you go. It's perfect for meeting with friends and family and ensuring everyone's privacy. It's also great for conference rooms, making it a must-have for any business. Watch our walk through videos: Mic-Lock USB-C set-up and usage Mic-Lock 3.5mm Set-Up and Usage Video
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Everything USB Secure Charger - Only Power - No Data! 50V/5A Quick Charger Max USB-A and USB-C Everything USB Secure Charger - Only Power - No Data! 50V/5A Quick Charger Max USB-A and USB-C
Everything USB Secure Charger... $21.99 $44.99
Get every possible USB rapid Secure Charger in one great value 3 pack Don't guess around! (1) USB-C to USB-C (1) USB-A to USB-A (1) USB-A to USB-C Charge without compromising security and quickly at maximum of 50V/5A! USB Power Lines are only connected to ensure that your data is not accessed by another computer or server Do you really know what is behind that conference room charger? They could have it connected to a server that will have total access to all the contents on your phone. Public chargers typically are backed by a server to monitor usage time and duration. It also has access to everything on your phone.  Stops syncing when plugged into any computer Filters only power to your smartphone or IoT device Recharge power is not affected Works with a standard USB cable (not included) Compatible with Apple PD 18W, Samsung AFC, QC2, PD2.0 15V/2A, 9V/2A FCP, SFC Charging Protocols and Inputs
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Mic-Lock Micro 3.5mm Blue Mic-Lock Micro 3.5mm Blue
Mic-Lock Micro 3.5mm Blue $11.99 $12.99
Just Released!! Mic-Lock Micro 3.5mm Blue is 30% smaller and offers the same unbeatable protection against hackers and spies attempting to listen in on you. Keep conversations private with this digital anti-spying sound blocker! Simply plug it into your laptop, phone, or tablet and you’re ready to go! The compact design is perfect for traveling to work, school, vacations, or anywhere you may be headed. Plus, the keychain attachment makes it easy to store and transport. Mic-Lock uses a proprietary semiconductor circuit to simulate a live 3.5mm microphone on your personal devices. When plugged in, Mic-Lock will automatically become the device’s primary “microphone” by mimicking expected electrical properties of a normal microphone. Mic-Lock “tricks” your device into thinking it’s a live microphone but blocks audio input. For added protection, use Mic-Lock with our webcam cover for complete audio and visual protection. Plus, get the free Mic-Lock Mate to hang it off a cable and have be able to store your Mic-Lock easily. Directions for use: 1. Remove rubber keychain top. 2. Plug Mic-Lock into your 3.5mm microphone/headphone port. 3. Voilà! Mic-Lock will block all audio from being transmitted. Mic-Lock is safe to use on all 3.5mm audio jack devices and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Get the peace of mind you deserve and protect your conversations with Mic-Lock Micro 3.5mm Blue! Mic-Lock 3.5mm Set-Up and Usage Video
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Camera Finder Pro - Red Camera Finder Pro - Red
Camera Finder Pro -... $68.99 $119.99
Camera Finder Pro - Red - 25% Longer Battery Life - High Resolution Video Screen 2 in 1 hidden camera detector with Automatic Night Vision Light Detection- Infrared Video Camera with built in Display and LED Detector all in one device! Great for AirBnB, Hotel Travel Security and Privacy. Equip yourself with dual-mode Camera Finder Pro RED to quickly and accurately detect cameras in any setting. A combination of infrared video camera and LED-based detector can detect night-vision cameras or lens reflections. Professionals charge $350 per room scan to use the same technology. Turn off the lights and observe camera night vision, or use the super bright red LEDs to scan and find reflections. With this device, you can protect your privacy and security while traveling or away from home. Unsuspecting hidden cameras can be concealed in everyday objects like water bottles, USB chargers, and smoke alarms. High-tech cameras are now easily accessible and can be operated with minimal cost and effort. Stay safe with Camera Finder Pro RED! Walk through and set up video here: https://youtu.be/EDUA72qIQkc